Culinary Day 4-13-14

SHouse Capuchin Shield2unday, April 14, 2014, Laura’s Studio by the Bay, Waldport – We ended up with 9 people involved in the culinary day. We worked with several kinds of Slavic sweet dough breads and rolls, and discussed the historical significance of the decorating process and where the symbols originated. We also made bread dough bunnies – one of which turned into a flying squirrel and another into a turtle – then worked with another dough that I made Saturday night, , making kolacki, filled with blackberry jam. It ran a bit but was delicious. Winter pickles, some of eggs and some of vegetables were passed around, and more veggies put in pickle for later. We watched, tried and learned about filleting salmon (I think I’m hopeless…) The salmon fillets were “seethed” in wine, then “coffined” in puff pastry. Everyone left stuffed, with a bag of various pastries for later. All in all a productive and delicious day.

Culinary Arts Day 041314 – Here is the handout for the day with recipes for some things. (Click on the link to download)


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In ministerio autem Somnium! Anja Snihova Chamarni, graeca doctrina servus to House Capuchin

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