Project Day 4-6-14

House Capuchin Shield2Wow did we talk! We all started off with the various projects that we’re working on, things like shoes and other garb, Tempus’ sundials, my embroidery and then got into Marius’ research about the fall of the Roman empire. He’s gotten as far as the splits in the 3rd century empire. I’m fascinated by the role that diseases play in studies of culture, so we discussed measles and smallpox and black plague for quite chalice-coverawhile. We got Marius’ cloak set up to cut out, too.

Eventually some more people came in and we got around to pickles. We made a cauliflower pickle and tasted the ones that I was working on, on Friday,
which were cucumber, onion, carrot and turnip. I had added some asparagus spears in the morning and those turned out just wonderful! The frozen green bean pickles were “meh”…. green beans just don’t seem to work well. The old (January!) carrot pickles were rubbery, but still tasty.

pickles 040614

After that, with the larger group (7 of us) we talked about garb, because 4 of us are very new, a little history, a lot about whosiswhatsis in the SCA, and then told a few stories. At the very last, Tempus pulled out the boxes of leather. We have enough for several pairs of shoes and a bunch of belts and such. I guess we’re going to be learning leather finishing techniques over the next few weeks!

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In ministerio autem Somnium! Anja Snihova Chamarni, graeca doctrina servus to House Capuchin.

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