Report Project Day 6-22-14 Feast

House Capuchin Shield2On Saturday the largesse went to investiture in Marcus’ keeping. It was handed off and our new Prince, Diego, made a speech during the evening about the generosity of small groups!

062214 Wax tabletEarly in the day Anja was carving on the needlecases again, but little progress happened with those this week. She’s also pecking away at the wax tablet project and the inkle looms are drilled and just waiting for the dowels to be cut for them and all the sanding that needs to be finished.062214 Headcloth

Anja got her stained headcloth taken apart, the trims off and unfolded to make a pattern for a new one and then got that cut, late in the day. Else we were all cooking!

SCA shelf 062114<<<<< Saturday

The new SCA display at Ancient Light (which is mostly feast gear, at the moment) is up and more 062314 SCA cornerstuff will be added during the week.

Sunday >>>>

After we ate there were games being played for a bit, and we learned the steps for “Single Bransle” …but the main part of the day was the feast!

The menu:

Darioles of elk with apples, pecans and raisins
Italian seasoning bread and regular bread
Savory Scalded Milk Cheese
Chicken pie
Pickles of divers sorts
Cucumbers in sour cream and dill
Custard Pie
Cream vegetable soup with shrimp

The Projects

…and embroidery…and we started the lavendar sachets (the next largesse set)

….and we talked and talked and talked about various projects and told stories and all. ….and were totally wiped out heading home with various food parcels, since we tend to share things all ’round!

divider black grey greek keyIn ministerio autem Somnium!
Anja, graeca doctrina Servus to House Capuchin

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