Week up to 12-14-14

House Capuchin Shield2W Letter motife’ve had a productive week and it’s good to see the products of our hands go out!

On Thursday Sabrina got to the Sewing Time. She worked on some of her hand-bound books while Anja was working on various of the necessary projects including some of the puff cushions. They went on a “field trip” to check out the 121114 Coptic Tunicfabric store across the street, then came back and talked for a bit. As Sabrina was heading out Marcus and Rowan got there and we all had a chat, then settled in to more projects. Anja was hunting a piece of silk that she couldn’t lay hands on. She finally found it right where she 121114 Anja Projectswas working. Rowan was working on gnomes and Marcus on his green Coptic Tunic. We got Marcus’ head measured for his pannonian cap. Eventually Anja settled back down to the pincushions and we went on until 9:30 talking politics and projects.

musician motifOn Friday Anja had printed the labels and she imposed on Loren, Travis and Hatch to work on those with her, so the largesse stuff could go to 11th Night. We got it all packed before the shop closed and came home and packed garb and feast gear, ready for an early start.

peasant woman motifMarcus showed up at the house on Saturday morning at about 7am and Hatch and Travis got the stuff into the car. Loren was still out on his paper route, but got in just a few minutes later and they all took off for the event.

For Winter Investiture we had provided:

  • 121214 Largesse077 bunnies
  • 20 wood butter in tin
  • 6 blackwork print pouches
  • Decorative pins – 14 pair
  • 9 wooden bowls
  • 12 Tangerine/Mint washing balls
  • puff pin cushions – 10
  • 9 perfume salve
  • sachets – 4 lavendar
  • gnomes – 12 (…and no, there are no pictures of the gnomes and I has a sad…..)

knightAndLady motifNothing really got worked on on Saturday at Anja & Loren’s shop.  The Herb Bunch wasn’t in and Anja was busy with customers. The only thing that she got to work on was the bones that have been drying at the house and turned out to have gotten moldy, so she boiled and 121414 Transfer3scrubbed ’em again, and they’re back to drying.

Loren had a good time at Investiture, got to show off a new sundial and play a bit, which he hasn’t done much of in a while. Ask him about his liripipe… 🙂 It took him an hour to wind down talking about the event.

121414 Transfer1Anja spent awhile tracking down some of the pieces for the banner that the Apothecary Guild needs for 12th Night. It’s a black banner with a checky white/yellow top and a yellow mortar and pestle, so she was hunting black background fabric (needs washed) cut the checky, which now needs to be sewn up and found the fusible web.

Hatch wants more…. …and since he’s thinking about taking on a Landsknect persona…. http://history.westkingdom.org/Bardic/GerhardtVonNordflammen/HeyLandsknecht.htm …and talking Jedrzej Duziak for a name.

121414 Transfer2They all got to hang out and talk to people and there’s someone from Newport that we hadn’t run into before. We’ve got an e-mail and sent him a note during the Project Day.

On Sunday we all started in with working on the transfers for the totes. Anja did a newer version that’s a little easier to cut out, so 121414 Potted Cheesewe got all but two cut. *everyone* was cutting them! This part is definitely a group effort! Anja took ’em in back and got to work on doing the ironing and peeling and we have 9 more for a total of 23. She worked on the little Tudor Ladies dolls off and on all afternoon. Loren worked on a sundial, Hatch made an awesome potted cheese that we noshed on all afternoon with 121414 Sundial1the rolls that Marcus brought and Marcus and Anja worked on pins. Late in the afternoon Travis and Jedrzej/Hatch headed out to do some shopping and the rest of us gossiped and got pictures taken, and divvied up the last of Tarenah’s gifts to us, other than the mask that we “own” in common.

We ended up discussing a lot about A&S competitions and writing up research and documentation while hands were busy. The guys are going to do armor day next Saturday, as well. We talked about re-boiling 121414 Ruby Pins1and bleaching the bones, after that fiasco, since all but the pork bones had to be thrown out. Loren needs to write-up directions on how to use his Capuchin dial, and also how he did this one…. The guys also got going on trying to write a musical theme for the fighter contingent. (Oi!) We also went over 121414 Tudor Ladies2the status of Anja’s toy research, Marcus’ pins and Jedrzej’s persona and also Marcus’ device and the House badge that he wants to register, since his name has passed.

motif-sewing-safety-pinThis week there’s Sewing on Thursday and Anja is probably going to be working on the Apothecary guild banner and the totes that got partway
done will get finished.

This coming Sunday is our Potluck Feast at 2pm and then we’ll have some dancing and games and get the totes finished so we can get them mailed.

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Totes/Transfers – Added 9 more, so we’re up to 23!

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Tudor Ladies – These are a silly that Anja came up with. She’s working on toys and had a doll scale bit of blackwork printed fabric and a little silk and a little felt and fabric paint. Those in her hands are a dangerous combination with the little peg people.

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Loren’s Capuchin Dial – He’s had the drawing worked out for a decade and more, but finally decided to do a mock-up with cardboard just as a proof-of-concept. It worked…..

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Pins – Marcus is making these are a surprise for someone, but Anja tried one that she’s been talking about for a bit.

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Largesse getting done

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Miscellaneous pictures

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Some of us, some of others, from Investiture


…and the sillies for the week

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Pages that have gotten updates this week

Loren’s Sundials – https://housecapuchin.wordpress.com/portfolio/sundials/

Anja’s Apron Page – https://housecapuchin.wordpress.com/portfolio/anjas-apron-project/

Soaps – https://housecapuchin.wordpress.com/portfolio/project-soaps/

…and Marcus is working on his Emperors page

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Largesse Projects in progress

  • 9 wooden bowls – 9 – fill, sand, finish, tag
  • puff pin cushions – ?  – make another dozen?
  • 9 perfume salve in drawer (plus?)
  • soap balls – RoseCalendula
  • Tudor maids – 6
  • sachets – rose?
  • cup & ball sets
  • cutout toys
  • peg dolls of other sorts

Did not get to wooden and metal needles, cup and balls, candles and most of the garb projects

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Music 04Some good music that we were listening to this week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNGILc0r4ok&index=25&list=RD30xBc99kdpI

…and link on Plague remedies – http://www.medievalists.net/2014/12/11/plague-remedies-renaissance-italy

Digitized Manuscripts http://manuscripts.cmrs.ucla.edu/title_list.php?goto=1

More of ‘em http://sexycodicology.net/blog/

Lute Manuscripts http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-30400165

The oldest onion in Denmark http://www.medievalists.net/2014/12/14/oldest-onion-denmark/

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Sabrina, Anja, Loren, Rowan, Marcus, Travis, Jedrzej/Hatch

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moving writing pen motifIn ministerio autem Somnium! Anja, graeca doctrina servus to House Capuchin

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