Winter Feast AS XLIX

House Capuchin Shield2Putting together a feast, no matter how large or small, takes a good bit of planning. We started this a year ago, during the year decided when and where to have the feast, how many to invite, whom to invite, then the foods and the order of service.

021415 salmonMarcus was hands for this and he has the sausage equipment. Loren makes wine, did the shopping and dishes 🙂 and was also hands and then both of them served the feast. Anja and Konstanty/Gogor worked on experimenting with recipes, everyone got to taste and 021415 salmon2comment during the fall and winter, and then they got to some serious cookery in the two weeks before the feast. Konstanty (who started to call himself Gogor the day before the feast….) was head server and Amor Lorenson, ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ who stopped by between deployments (he’s Air Force) got

Um..... that's not a phaser.... :-) 

Um….. that’s not a phaser…. 🙂

himself drafted as a server and pair of kitchen-competent hands. He did a lot of peeling and chopping! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Gogor & Amor ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

<<<<<<<<<<<< …and then there is our trusty Pater Familas holding off the fierce beasties with a ……mixer? Hmmm…. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Last week it was mostly baking and some prep of things like butters.

Then the big push….

Some of the pictures were taken through glass, which is why there are odd spatters and sparks and streaks on the occasional pic of the outside.

Next Sunday is making toys! No Sewing on Thursday and the bunch is going to the Dragon’s Mist A&S day on Saturday because Anja is teaching.

color knot dragon on greenMonday – Loren got the rest of the honey into the cyser to wake it up and make it good and fizzy for the feast. He had bottled some of his other wines and meads back in January. He and Anja also finished setting up some of the largesse crafts.

color knot dragon on green

On Tuesday, pickles happened first with not a single picture (these are from a couple of days later), then Anja got a broth made, then Konstanty did mushrooms for the pasties. They were going to go weird unless cooked right away. We also sat down in the evening and talked about some decisions about feast decor and such.

Bean, Asparagus and Mushroom pickles

color knot dragon on greenWednesday was cheese day. Hatch did a mozzarella experiment in the morning. It didn’t work. He made a ricotta of it later that did and was very tasty and then froze the whey.

color knot dragon on green

Thursday got sidetracked, but Friday became our baking day. Rowan was cooking when we got there and we had some of her awesome ravioli and a lovely apple crisp during the afternoon. Those of us who were cooking had a lot of fun, despite some glitches as to what got brought and what didn’t after an initial forgetting of the breadmaker. Amor and Konstanty headed back to the house while Rowan and Anja got a couple of flavored butters done and a blackberry jam (that afterwards got drowned and spoiled in the ice chest <sigh>). When they got back we set up the hall and worked out where things were going to go. Konstanty stayed the night, working on the kolacki. We had a funny happen with the Shrewsbury cakes. The first batch baked beautifully, and then the 2nd the dough didn’t work for some reason, maybe a miscount in the flour? So we added a couple of sticks of butter and made cookies and they turned out to be pretty darned good!

color knot dragon on green

Feast Prep Saturday – First thing on Saturday was getting the rest of the ingredients into the car for the trek to Marcus’. I figured that if we missed it on Saturday there was at least one more chance. 🙂 We gutted the freezers and fridge and started carrying stuff out.

…and stopped at the shop, where Amor found the other three tables and we got the one set to take and the other two on Sunday morning. Anja got the rest of her stuff found and then we headed into Newport, getting ink at Staples.

We spent the first hour or so sorting things out, then got to work on cooking, forgetting pictures for a chunk of it, but we eventually got some.

…and Anja was sent this for her b-day. 🙂

color knot dragon on green

Feast Prep Sunday – Hacky-choppy-boily-bakey….. and on and on and on. We were too busy to get pix, unfortunately.

color knot dragon on green

The Hall

The Yard

color knot dragon on green

Activities – Papermaking & Drop Spindles

color knot div dragon on greenPlaying kids

color knot dragon on green

Feast Foods

color knot dragon on green

During the feast

color knot dragon on green

Music – We used Ancient FM as our music for the event.

color knot dragon on greenUpdated Pages

color knot dragon on green

Konstanty/Gogor, Anja, Rowan delarosa, Amor, Marcus
Bera, Alail, Shawn, Allie, Keith, Rowan, Tammi, Seamus, On’ora, Jerrick, Jon, Kai

divider black grey greek key

Largesse Item Count 

  • ASXLVII = 24
  • ASXLVIII = 88
  • ASXLIX = ytd 546
  • Total as a Household = 657 handed in, plus 104 waiting

moving writing pen motifIn ministerio autem Somnium! Anja, graeca doctrina servus to House Capuchin
Page Created 2/10/15 & published ?? (C)M. Bartlett
Last updated 2/18/15

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