Project Day report is up 7-13-14

House Capuchin Shield2The full write-up for this day is here:

Lady's Mantle ..and a couple of other things....

Lady’s Mantle ..and a couple of other things….

Even with some interference from work schedules, we got a lot done this week. Several projects got worked on during the week. Herbs harvested on Wednesday got set up for drying over Thursday and Saturday. 070714 HC GK tags 1A pincushion project got designed during the Saturday Sewing Workshop at Ancient Light and some folks had things to work on at home.

Two finished

Two finished

First thing during the Project Day we worked on adding some things to the games chest, like a nice double-fifteen dominoes set and some other boards. Pouches and other sewing happened, gold key tags got cut and then several folks got fired up and

Doesn't he look smug?

Doesn’t he look smug?

cranked out most of the inkle loom assembly: pegs and the adjustable tensioners and they’ll be done. Those of us sewing turned out sachets and pincushion pouches and then found the molds for the lotion bars and sorted some other equipment.

071314 Rose SachetWe ended up sitting and talking at the end of the day about more projects, next week’s feast and various research projects that folks are doing.

This Wednesday evening is a Medicinal Wines workshop taught by Lord Faunus deArden. We’ll be meeting for supper around 5:30 and then the workshop will begin at 7pm at Ancient Light in Waldport.

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Anja Snihova Chamarni, graeca doctrina servus to House Capuchin

Report Project Day 6-1-14

House Capuchin Shield2

Full report and pix here:

Project Day started with sewing and the delivery of some fabric. We went on into Tempus talk about medieval time-keeping and then into some reports on research.

060114 pouchesWe did some planning for later in the month, because we have a specific request for some inkle looms and that’s going to take some time that we weren’t expecting.

060114 needle 4Anja sewed on the block printed fabric pouches all during that. We need to get them filled with some beads, and we have a whole basket of those! Loren and Marcus were working on the bone needles. Anja finally ran out of patience for the sewing and did a little block printing, instead.

Loren and Marcus went up to the house to work on grinding plates for their armor and got them all done.

060114 helm…and then we heard from Gaia that she broke her finger and had to go into the e-room so that was the end of the day.

For a full listing of our various projects please go here:

In ministerio autem Somnium!