Project Day 5-4-14

House Capuchin Shield2Update! – We got the bone needle blanks! If you want to “reserve” one, leave a comment. We’ll be working on these at 2pm!

This week has been interesting. Things had to get cleaned up from Bar Gemels and put away and then other stuff worked on.

During the week, Anja got a little more carving done on the wax tablet, but more discussing with people how to make the well for the wax than anything. ….and a lot of sanding.

Rowan got us her stack of pix from the culinary day and they went up on the Facebook page. They’ll go into the right gallery as soon as I get the time.

bff0a35dd76b3b1ab7b27665d78e2ccbWe also found a picture of the Roman Shoes that Marcus was talking about, that looks like maybe, just maybe, they’re not quite as awful to make as Anja thought. ….maybe….

On Saturday the candle dipping wax heating set-up got tried out. Next step is making the dipping rack.

So, on Sunday we’re going to be going through the project list, adding and discussing. We know for certain that there will be carving going on, possibly some skrim work and/or painting on a few pieces, a bit more in the way of pouches, feast discussion, progress on the dye project and dip candle project, picking up of some cherry wood from a local (it has to age), Holbein embroidery, and probably some armor work if everyone troops off to Marcus’ shop.

…and we’re going to have the recorders and playbooks out….

It’ll run from Noon to 6pm. Bring your projects and your interest in what all’s going on and we’ll have fun!