Project Day 5-11-14

There’s a lot of stuff to go through for this day! House Capuchin Shield2

As always, at Ancient Light in Waldport, Noon to 6pm

The candles are going to take a number of recycled cans. Loren thinks that the ones we have are Bush’s Beans the 28 ounce size. The dimensions are 3 11/32 diameter and 5 19/32 tall. These are the outside dimensions if you were trying to measure at the shore. I’m pretty sure this is also the size of the Campbell’s family size soup cans. So, if you folks can start saving ’em for us?

We have to start a “furniture” list and discuss what we’re going to do about the dye project. Some of the specs are set up, but we need the rest.

I need to get a picture of the post where it’s leaning against the house, but we have a pell post, now. If the weather is decent a subset of us are going to troop off to work on that.



We need to make some progress on the bone needles and discuss what to do for needlecases. Maybe Loren and I can track down the box of bamboo pieces?

Pretty well done carving

Pretty well done carving

Almost done with the tiny rosemary spoon. I’m making progress on the wax tablet, slowly, and we need to discuss thread winders and other small wood pieces, since we found so much cool stuff during the week.

Shoe irelandHow many of you got a look at that Anglo-Saxon clothing link?  This is the one with shoes, bags and veils (along with other clothing descriptions) Shoe Sutton Hoo

bostocke coif on backI’m going to try to finish the one motif on my Jane Bostocke coif so when I have lace to work with, I can get it finished up.

What all else? …like that isn’t enough!

Oh, and we promised Marcus a recorder lesson.